He is an award-winning real estate Investor of the 2014 Rich Dad International Hall of Fame award


By Stefan Aarnio

Stefan Aarnio is the author of Self Made, Money People Deal, Ten Commandments of Negotiation, The Close: 7 level selling and Hard Times Creates Strong Men. He is an award-winning real estate Investor of the 2014 Rich Dad International Hall of Fame award. Moreover, Stefan Aarnio’s real estate students have one of the highest success rates across Canada.

Who is Stefan Aarnio?

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The Problem?

Midway through 2018, Stefan was fed up because after going through 4 different social media agencies and spending over $150K in marketing, he made very little progress and couldn’t find a social media solution for the long term.

The Solution.

The Team immediately took Stefan Aarnio as a Client mid 2018 and analyzed exactly what was needed. We implemented a complete rebrand on www.stefanaarnio.com and Stefan’s real estate coaching company www.blackcardu.com.

In this re-brand we started from scratch with everything and changed his entire presence to set Stefan up for an ELITE status. The following was redesigned:


After the re-brand was complete our team dove into each of his social media channels and started going to work with posting quality content on a daily basis and doing our massive growth strategies.

When our team started with Stefan he had under 1000 followers on each of his social media channels; Was making very little money from his social media following and had very low engagement.

Stefan is now making over $100K a month organically from social media and has over 240K+ followers on his social platforms and has been verified.

Stephen's Social Media

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